23 June 2022

Player under suspicion

If a footballer is awarded with a card in the closing stages of the match there is nothing wrong with that. However, the problem arise if very high bet was placed moments earlier, and that is exactly what happened four days ago.
On 18 December 2021 the midfielder of Arsenal Granit Xhaka received a yellow card against Leeds in the eighty-sixth minute. Six months later (finally) the English National crime agency has launched an investigation if that was done deliberately, because one gambler placed a bet of 65.000 pounds (76.440 euros). If this was 'pure' luck or not the inquiry (hopefully) will tell, but if it is not than the bettor has collected 250.000 pounds (294.000 euros) based on fraud.
The suspicion came after the payout for the 'time wasting' colour punishment was way much better in the last 10 minutes of the game rather than the beginning, which prompted the alarm to be raised and investigated.


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