18 June 2022

Retained the World Cup spot

After playing miserably 18 elimination games and finishing in seventh place at the end, Chile was hoping to enter the World Cup 2022 tournament on another way. They have accused Ecuador who were competing with an ineligible player in eight matches in total, and among them this footballer had participated twice, which means that six points would be awarded to Chile. With the new situation, this nation would have enough points to jump into fourth spot and like that travel automatically to the most watchable sporting event on earth. And what is unfortunately for them is that in every story exist the word 'but'.
Their information was about Byron Castillo who was born at 1995 in Tumaco, Colombia, and not like the official records are stating (at Ecuadorian town of Playas in 1998). But the investigation from the world football organization has said that the defender is indeed an Ecuadorian citizen, thus seven days ago it was confirmed that this country has remained to participate at the holiday festivity which is starting in November.


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