17 July 2022

Ex officials avoided jail terms

On 08 July 2022 it finally ended one of the longest saga that lasted 11 long years.
In 2011 Michel Platini has received from Sepp Blatter 2 million Swiss francs (1.56 million euros) for advisory services. Since then these two former officials have denied doing anything wrong and that payment did not damage the world football organization.
Prosecutors at this case wanted prison for both men to be one year and eight months plus the former French player to give back in total 2.2 million Swiss francs (1.72 million euros / the increased number is with calculated taxes). However, from all of the above nothing will be done because last Friday the duo were acquitted from the Federal criminal court in Bellinzona, Switzerland of fraud. And what is more worse for the world football organization is that they have to return the original sum to the account of the 67-year-old former functioner.


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