12 July 2022

Famous team to compete at lower division

Once they were six-time champions of France (last title was won in 2008-09), but from 2022-23 season the club have to play at third league. Last Tuesday the National directorate of management control has just confirmed the news of the football federation that Girondins de Bordeaux must participate in the lower division because of high financial debts. Their next move is to appeal at the French Olympic committee hoping that this decision will be overturned. After finishing last on 21 May in Ligue one, the club originally had to play in the second league, but with the new situation they were thrown one step lower.
Businessman and owner Gerard Lopez, has mentioned the dark words: "catastrophic" if the appeal fails and the club have to participate in National one (which currently is the case), and that could lead to "liquidation" which means the collective have to compete at fifth division (amateur football).


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