16 August 2022

Details about a new club competition project

In the beginning of July it was only mentioned, while from last Friday in Tanzanian city of Arusha all facts have been revealed about the new club international tournament that will be launched on the African continent kicking off in exactly one year from now.
At the Super league event 24 clubs will be involved and those would come from three regions: Central/West, North together with Southern/East. Eight of them are going to participate from each region whilst maximum three clubs are permitted per country. Playing periods will be from August until May which means that the duration of the tournament for one season would be 10 months. Future finalists is going to play a maximum of 21 games, and the total account is 197. Relegation and promotion play offs are also expected to be staged.
Besides the trophy in terms of finance, the champions would be rich for 11.1 million euros, and the whole competition worth 97 million euros.


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