13 August 2022

Forbidden name was mentioned

In some parts of the world the following name is loveable by many, while at the other end it is forbidden even to be mentioned. Exactly the second scenario happened at the football game in Turkey.
Fenerbahce and Dynamo Kyiv played their match on 27 July at the second elimination round of the Champions league event. During the duel the home public have chanted the name of Vladimir Putin, and that was the reason that the European football organization has conducted an investigation into this matter. At the end (somehow) they have concluded that the club was guilty of the behaviour of their spectators who just wanted to distract the guests. Because of that (incident) seven days ago the club was ordered to pay 50.000 euros.
And the same affiliation today has punished Hajduk who in the third phase of the Conference league played against Vitoria. Racist chants from their fans was the main reason of why this was issued, thus in the next match of the Croatian club against Villarreal at the play off stage have to close section of their stadium plus give away 23.000 euros.


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