28 August 2022

Sales of entry papers has been disclosed

According to the Qatar organizer of the tournament the most popular match that fans like to watch is Argentina - Mexico followed by Argentina - Saudi Arabia. But the world football organization has published different information: Cameroon - Brazil, Brazil - Serbia together with Costa Rica - Germany are the most wanting games to be viewed live.
Nevertheless of the above, one of the greatest sporting show on earth is dangerously approaching and is starting less than three months away from now. Until nowadays tickets for the World Cup was bought by 2.45 million people, out of which 520.532 were gone only in the second phase that finished last Thursday. The total amount of golden entry papers is 3.2 million, where one third of those are reserved for sponsors and business partners. For those who missed the first two rounds there is a third one (that is commencing at the end of next month), who have to act quick because now the rule will be first-come-first-served.


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