23 August 2022

Ending the 2022 qualifiers of minus one game

Six days ago the world football organization has confirmed that one elimination duel from the World Cup 2022 event is not going to occur. In simple words, they quit to organize the game where at the same time the final tournament is looming away - three months from the kick off, thus it is the first time in history that qualifiers for (any) mentioned competition would be incomplete. And what a match had been awaited for us as it was the derby of the South American region, while the main reason of why it was completely abandoned is of course the pandemic situation and not finding a suitable dates after it.
The schedule said that on 05 September 2021 Brazil and Argentina had to meet each other in the sixth round. Previously (and neatly) all players of the visiting team have entered the country (without problems), and when this duel began (suddenly) in the fifth minute it was interrupted. Brazilian health authorities stormed the pitch (allegedly) looking for four Argentine footballers that were not allowed to be present at that time. Obviously the home association was way too guilty, but the two of them got punished by the affiliation which was silent for many months (exactly 12 plus some days) about the new date. Because this case also went to the Court of arbitration for sport, finally the organization has surrendered: after the agreement of the three parties this derby (who had a new kick off time for next month) it is called off because there is a high risk of injuries before an important competition like this one, plus the duel has no point of staging as the two nations have already qualified. Hence the rescheduled match that supposed to start on 21 September will not be played.


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