04 March 2023

Criticism is not going to be tolerated

For the first time, spectators that cheer their club, which have won most championship titles in Turkiye, would not be allowed to travel and enter into stadium to watch the game against Kayserispor. Because the government has issued this (rare football) punishment, the federation cannot overturn this decision.
Six nights ago in the Super Lig home duel with Konyaspor, Fenerbahche fans have chanted against its own political administration who accused them that helping hand came too slow following the catastrophic earthquakes that hit the southern part of the country on 06 February. Due to the above criticism this Saturday the club will have no one to back them when they visit Central Anatolia.
Resignation words from this type was heard from supporters of Beshiktash as well, however no action will be taken against this club.


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