05 March 2023

Not understanding that this is only a game

One Brazilian footballer (hopefully) had learned that talkin too much and preparing to go to fight with the judges on the pitch is really pointless, where later he got severely punished, plus his club had to pay some sum as well.
Result of Sevilla - Osasuna match from 26 February was 2:3, where with an own goal Fernando Reges have treated the guests in the second half. The same player once again has entered into the referees book with a direct red card in stoppage time. Nervousness and (obviously still) not wanted to calm down after the game, the home midfielder (according to the delegate statement) cursed the 'men in blue' (specially the linesman) and liked phisically to confront them, but, luckily, his teammates have stopped the (eventual) boxing show. Apologies to everyone came from the 35-year-old, however (as always) it was way too late to do that.
In the end the outcome was: because publicly have announced that he regret his wrong actions, the player had to deliver 2.400 euros while his club was punished with 1.000 euros less. From the line-up will be absent for four duels where one is already gone (Atletico Madrid) so three more have remained (Almeria, Getafe, Cadiz).


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