19 March 2023

Without an opposing candidate won the top job

Yesterday in the Rwandan capital Kigali delegates of the 211 member associations had to pick the boss of the world football organization. Without any difficulties they have chosen the current one because Giovanni Infantino did not had a rival to oppose him. And thus the 52-year-old will lead the house until 2027, with a possibility to extend it as far as 2031.
The administrator took over this job from the suspended Joseph Blatter at 2016. Since this is the second term for the Swiss official, he may easily (if there is no other candidate in the mean time) be vying for the last one. In the statute of the affiliation there is a limit that each president may rule of up to three four-year terms, the first one that started seven years ago (and which was for three seasons) was automatically annulled.


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