12 March 2023

Young woman went to tell authorities her story, but forgot to make an appeal

More and more players are being investigated for sexual assault. Although the victim has report everything that happened, someone else did the official complain instead.
The latest footballer is Achraf Hakimi who on 25 February had a chance to visit a 24-year-old girl when his wife and kids were away on holiday. Meeting on social network, the Moroccan player has raped the woman in her apartment. Just a day later the victim went to police to tell her news and did not file an official appeal. However, the Paris officers have done it due to seriousness of the case who then gave it to the prosecutors. And that is how this investigation has started.
Last Thursday it was confirmed that the Nanterre public office has summoned the 24-year-old defender for questioning, while he denies the whole thing.


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