18 March 2023

Paying for the mess (they created)

The last ever game of 2021-22 Champions league tournament was played on 28 May at Stade de France. It supposed to start on 21.00 sharp, however that never happened because before the stadium there was a massive brawl between supporters and security. And thus (for the first time in finals at any competition) this duel had been delayed for 37 minutes than the original schedule. Since then many investigations were launched as many tried to find out who is to blame and why this chaos began. Finally last Tuesday one affiliation has decided to close this case and admit its responsibility.
Independent inquiry has shown that the European football organization is the guilty party for the disorder. No one knows what has triggered the whole thing (that was not disclosed), but what is important, the refund of Liverpool fans who could not enter on the arena that night will commence. In total there was 19.618 tickets issued for them with a different price ranged from 70 to 690 euros...


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