03 May 2023

Because the offer is way too low, threat of not showing might be imminent

This summer (20 July until 20 August) in Australia and New Zealand the World Cup for women will be played. But from now the president of the world football organization is saying that some areas (nations) of the European continent might not see any of the games.
Without naming them, Giovanni Infantino states that media shows disappointing interest to broadcast this event. Less valued and unacceptable are the offers who comes from the big five countries ranging it from 20 to 100 percent lower (compared to the male competition which are 50 - 60 percent).
One (and maybe the only) reason for this is the very big time difference with the Oceania region. Having most of the kick-offs at night time (locally), they are transformed to the other side (at 09, 10) in the morning at Europe. According to the boss, these times are "reasonable" (and they really are), however the problem is that people are at work those hours.


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