09 May 2023

Revealed a draw date for next season event

At 16 May the draw of season number three of the North, Central America and Caribbean version of Nations league is going to be performed. From this edition the league A would be extended for two more teams, and therefore more qualifying matches will be played. The new cycle will begin from this fall (in September, October and November) where the group part would be completed, and from March 2024 the final classification is going to be decided. Also, the 2023-24 and 2024-25 editions will serve for Copa America 2024 (where six teams from the region would participate) and Gold Cup 2025 tournaments.
On the other corner of the globe, this Thursday (11 May) we are going to find out how the six groups would look like for the Asian Cup 2023 (2024) competition. Starting from January next year Qatar will be the host of the 23 teams, where among them one debutant would have the honour to compete with the best of Asia.
Both events can be watched live on social media.


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