04 May 2023

Promotion of a tourism means suspension

Yesterday, in a little bit hilarious removal from the first team of all time, suddenly one of the famous striker at PSG got himself in 'real' trouble.
After the game in the national championship all players hoped that they will have two days rest from footballing activities. However, instead of winning they lost the match, thus the coach changed his mind. So, Monday was a working day, but among everyone in training session one audibly name was missing: Lionel Messi. Without permission from the club, the seven Ballon d'Or winner flied over to Saudi Arabia to promote their tourism project.
The ending result is: this 'insubordinate player' is ousted for two weeks (from group workout together with playing official duels) nor is going to be paid for that suspended period (two weeks) and what is worse (for some) is that now his contract extension hangs in the balance (where almost certain will leave the club).


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