28 May 2023

Stadium tragedy

Last Saturday night during the second leg of the quarter-finals between Alianza and Club deportivo from the El Salvadorian championship happened a stampede when 12 spectators have lost their lives, and hundreds were harmed. While the investigation is still ongoing 24 hours ago the results of giving answers to this catastrophe slowly starts to unravel.
Five people was arrested: the president of the home team as well as the security and the financial manager together with the general manager of Estadios deportivos de El Salvador and the person who have the stadium keys who are charged with culpable homicide, injury and public damage. This tragedy has happened because of negligence and greed by the organizers who illegally sold more tickets than the maximum capacity of Estadio Cuscatlan where the match got played.
Immediately after this disaster, the El Salvadorian Liga primera division for 2022-23 season officially got suspended, while Alianza received a one year stadium ban and had to pay 30.000 dollars (27.736 euros) fine.


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