17 May 2023

Disappeared after mysterious circumstances

An incredible story from last week that finished with a happy ending came from Egypt.
On 18 April the club whose full name is Engineering for the petroleum and process industries or for short is called ENPPI played a league game against Aswan. During the match in the second half Eric Traore have refused to enter as a substitute, and after it he turned off his communication device and walked off in an unknown direction. Since then the midfielder could not be found while attempts to locate the Burkina faso player through his wife and agent had been to no avail. Egyptian football association was notified of this disappearance, but complaint to the police was not filed.
Three weeks later the 26-year-old was found safe with the help of his mobile phone that was finally switched on. For the whole time the footballer was in Cairo, did not travel abroad, and had to explain why he left the club without their permission.


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