06 May 2023

Going into history

Since July 1999 it showed reviews, different matches, preparations from trainings, talks... Twenty four years later all the previous things would go to history.
Because Barcelona did not renew the agreement with the telecommunication company Telefonica, its channel (Barca television) will stop transmitting signal to viewers next month. The club have send a letter to the multinational firm notifying that the deal extension would not happen, thus the last program will emit be 30 June on the date when the existing contract is due to expire. Hundred and fifty professional people are going to stay without a job (among them contractors and collaborators).
From 2017 this channel has started to broadcast on Digital terrestrial television in the Catalunya region on a free-to-air format, but due to huge expenses the signal is going to be forced to extinguish itself. After it would be off, the image of the club is going to be focused primarily on social media.


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