16 May 2023

Logo, groups and schedule confirmed

Edition number 18 of the Asian Cup 2023 is going to be played next year. And for this tournament everything was revealed last Thursday.
First the logo came out. As this event will be played in Qatar, maroon colour dominates the top of the trophy (which can be found on the flag of the host country), while around it all is blue (who represents the sea).
Hours later the best 24 teams of the continent have learned their fate. On a division into six groups of four teams the schedule looks like this:

Group A: Qatar, People's Republic of China, Tajikistan, Lebanon.
Group B: Australia, Uzbekistan, Syria, India.
Group C: Islamic Republic of Iran, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Palestine.
Group D: Japan, Indonesia, Iraq, Vietnam.
Group E: South Korea, Malaysia, Jordan, Bahrain.
Group F: Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Oman.

Lastly the complete layout was revealed. Kick-off times of every pair, stadia and location on this tournament that would be held from 12 January until 10 February 2024.
On the website of the confederation can be found each detail and information about this competition of the above things.


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