10 June 2023

Accused of drug smuggling

One former national footballer from Netherlands has been charged of a serious crime.
Last Monday the court in Hague have started the interrogation process for Quincy Promes who is accused of illegal movement of drugs. The 31-year-old together with another 31-year-old Dutch citizen (Marylio V.) have imported 1.362 kilograms of cocaine from the Dutch capital (Amsterdam) via the Belgian port of Antwerp. Hidden in a consignment of salt, this goods was on board at Cap San Nicolas cargo ship in January 2020. It is believed that through this operation the midfielder has helped to have netted 6 million euros in favour of a Surinamese-Dutch drugs baron (according to information from the court).
At time time of the hearing the player was not in the judiciary, and thus stayed in Russia where he is a member of Spartak Moscow.


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