24 June 2023

One case of punishment for a coach and its club

We all know how one trainer reacted at the Europa league 2022-23 final duel, and weeks after that incident came the result from the European football organization where the next sanction would happen only on an international scene.
Roma has lost the the last important duel of the season, and its trainer was furious at the main official. It was obvious that Jose Mourinho is going to be punished, but the question was with how much after he addressed the official with unsolicited language, cursing and so on. The decision from this Wednesday is that the 60-year-old will be removed from the bench on four matches. Knowing that Roma will began its participation in Europa league from the group phase, their coach would return to lead them for the last two duels.
And because their supporters behaved badly before, during and after the match, the Italian club also had to pay 55.000 euros.


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