12 June 2023

Youngest tournament with the same name are ending in two confederations

Nations league is the youngest team event where it exist only on two continents. With (league) part number one completed long time ago, next week everything will be all over from 2022-23 season where remained to be played semi-finals and finals.

The European version is going to start first. Staging it entirely at two cities in Netherlands (Rotterdam and Enschede), the third season of the competition would slowly end with the last four matches.

14 June, Wednesday at 20.45 CEt: Netherlands - Croatia.

15 June, Thursday at 20.45 CEt: Spain - Italy.

Classification for place 3 - 4
18 June, Sunday at 15.00 CEt: losing teams will face each other from the semi-finals.

Last duel
18 June, Sunday at 20.45 CEt: victorious teams from semi-finals are going to fight for the title.

Over to the other side of the world their colleague is finishing season number two. United states of America is the host of the North, Central America and Caribbean edition.

16 June, Friday at 01.00 CEt: Panama - Canada.
16 June, Friday at 04.00 CEt: United states of America - Mexico.

(Due to time difference the final two matches from this event is on schedule the following week.)


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