12 June 2023

Qualification for main event

This year is going to be played the only championship competition on a national level at the North, Central America and Caribbean confederation.
Unofficially, the Gold Cup 2023 is going to start next week, but the official version of the event would be from 24 June (commencing with the group stages). Edition number 17 of the event will be played in 2 countries (Canada and United states of America), 15 stadia are going to be used which are located in 14 towns. One invited team comes from another confederation while 16 in total are scheduled to participate. From now 13 are already known, which means 3 are missing.
And these trio is going to be known after two rounds of elimination duels. Everything is beginning with the semi-final phase where 12 teams will make a fierce fight just to enter into the final stage. Because there is no time, only one match is going to decide whether they deserve to be on the main tournament, starting with:

Round 1 (semi-finals)
16 June, Friday at 22.30 CEt: Trinidad and Tobago - Guadeloupe.

17 June, Saturday at 01.00 CEt: Martinique - Saint Lucia.
17 June, Saturday at 03.00 CEt: Curacao - Saint Kitts and Nevis.
17 June, Saturday at 22.30 CEt: French Guiana - Sint Maarten.

18 June, Sunday at 01.00 CEt: Suriname - Puerto rico.
18 June, Sunday at 03.00 CEt: Guyana - Grenada.


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