05 June 2023

Completion of season

In exactly six nights time two international club finals on the European continent have to be played to round-up the 2022-23 season. Instead of going three-two-one by competitions, the football organization have some (real) strange schedule to finish the football year for the second consecutive time. At the remaining games four different clubs will compete from only two countries. Because the last two duels are playing in 90 minutes there always is a possibility of those to be prolonged, and both of them starts at the same kick-offs.

First on schedule is the last duel from the youngest competition. Conference league is the third event by significance which is currently ending its second season.

Wednesday, 07 June at 21.00 CET: Fiorentina - West ham (playing in Fortuna arena, Prague, Czech Republic).

At the end comes the top of the cherry - Champions league. To attract more and more viewers before television screens this tournament deliberately is staging on the weekend and is put on unusual night.

Saturday, 10 June at 21.00 CET: Manchester city - Inter (playing at Ataturk Olympic stadium, Istanbul, Turkiye).


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