03 June 2023

Points taken away

One Italian club has admitted its guilt of falsifying documents and has settled with the local football federation of not to lose an additional points.
Because of it from Juventus were taken away 10 points in their domestic league, and for the deduction the court of the football federation has divided like this: because of Fabio Paratici 4 points got lost, 3 for Andrea Agnelli, because of Maurizio Arrivabene 2 points were deducted together with 1 point that was taken away thanks to Federico Cherubini.
On 30 May it was decided that the club as a whole had to pay 718.000 euros and it will not appeal anymore, plus the greedy individuals also had to pay fines from a range of 10.000 to 47.000 euros. However, in this financial scandal Andrea Agnelli has refused to take the blame, thus the 47-year-old 'businessman' would face a separate trial who is scheduled to begin on 15 June.


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