16 July 2023

Details known about a joined draw

In the beginning of this month it was revealed when the joined draw for two future tournaments will be held.
As always, the Asian continent is going to start first with the journey for the World Cup. This time for the expanded 2026 edition five rounds will be played. Everything is going to begin on 12 October. Until the third round this as well will be used as part of the Asian Cup event that have to kick-off in 2027. From then point onwards this competition would be independent and is going to have its own qualifying matches. But for that to happen, the 45 member associations would have to wait until 27 July when nine pairs for the first round and nine groups for the second will be revealed. The layout in the capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur will be performed at 14.00 and 16.00 local time.
In related news, the African continent has already conducted the layout for the World Cup 2026. Ivory coast was the host of the draw where nine groups with six teams were formed. When this confederation is concerned, 13 November is the commencing point, and all looks like this:

Group A: Egypt, Burkina faso, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra leone, Ethiopia, Djibouti.
Group B: Senegal, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mauritania, Togo, Sudan, South Sudan.
Group C: Nigeria, South Africa, Benin, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Lesotho.
Group D: Cameroon, Cape verde, Angola, Libya, Eswatini, Mauritius.
Group E: Morocco, Zambia, Congo, Tanzania, Niger, Eritrea.
Group F: Ivory coast, Gabon, Kenya, Gambia, Burundi, Seychelles.
Group G: Algeria, Guinea, Uganda, Mozambique, Botswana, Somalia.
Group H: Tunisia, Equatorial Guinea, Namibia, Malawi, Liberia, Sao Tome e principe.
Group I: Mali, Ghana, Madagascar, Central African Republic, Comoros, Chad.


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