29 July 2023

Joint draw performed

Yesterday in Malaysia a couple of separate draws have connected teams that will start two future elimination cycles. Having in common that the World Cup 2026 and Asian Cup 2027 would have the first two rounds with the same pairs, the commencing point for these two is from this fall.

As always, the Asian continent is starting qualifiers for every World Cup tournament. The 20 lowest teams of the confederation are scheduled to begin round one. Paired in 10 duels, everything will be decided over 180 minutes (or more). Leg one would have to be played on 12 October, while the deciding matches are five nights later with the following layout:

Game 01: Afghanistan - Mongolia.
Game 02: Maldives - Bangladesh.
Game 03: Singapore - Guam.
Game 04: Yemen - Sri Lanka.
Game 05: Myanmar - Macau.
Game 06: Cambodia - Pakistan.
Game 07: Chinese Taipei - Timor-Leste.
Game 08: Indonesia - Brunei.
Game 09: Hong Kong - Bhutan.
Game 10: Nepal - Laos.

In round two 26 new teams were included in the draw. Together with the 10 from the previous phase, the 36 were dispersed in 9 groups. Everyone is going to play from 16 November until 11 June of next year.

Group A: Qatar, India, Kuwait, winner of match 01.
Group B: Japan, Syria, North Korea, winner of match 05.
Group C: South Korea, China, Thailand, winner of match 03.
Group D: Oman, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, winner of match 07.
Group E: Islamic Republic of Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, winner of match 09.
Group F: Iraq, Vietnam, Philippines, winner of match 08.
Group G: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Tajikistan, winner of match 06.
Group H: United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, winner of match 04, winner of match 10.
Group I: Australia, Palestine, Lebanon, winner of match 02.

After this phase the journey for the Asian Cup competition becomes independent, so two more rounds (play off and third) would have to be staged for the finals of the next edition.


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