18 July 2023

Numbers from a just finished event

After 14 nights and 31 games at the Gold Cup 2023 it was announced a new champion. Probably the best 2 teams that played the best football throughout the whole event clashed in the final, unfortunately only one could lift the trophy, and the winner hugged the title for a record ninth time. Now when everything is over, we have to summarize all that happened from 24 June onwards.
In 90 minutes 101 goals was scored or 3.26 per game, and if 4 are added that were scored in extra time then the digit is higher to 3.39 per match. First half was richer with 42 targets, but in the second we had 17 more. Undoubtedly, the best results came at the third round of the group stages where one duel even had 10 goals. In total, at stoppage time players have shaken the net 16 times or 4 after the first 45 minutes together with 12 after the 90, and in this section only two teams have scored in both stoppage halves (Haiti and United states of America). Footballers from four different teams have gifted their opponents with an own goal.
Referees have awarded 8 penalties, and out of this number Cuba had the most - 3, where 2 of them has converted into goals in the same match. No missed punishments were detected, while goalkeepers have pulled out fantastic saves to 4 of them.
Within the whole competition there were 3 bad boys. One player saw 2 times the yellow colour, whilst 2 others had seen a direct red (that were shown both in second half).


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