11 July 2023

Purchasing tickets for an annual game

Next month it is going to start and end a match that is playing only once a year. Manchester city and Sevilla will clash each other at the Super Cup event in the capital of Greece on 16 August from 21.00 CEt. And for this match the tickets already can be bought.
Instead of a lottery system a first-come first-serve basis is applied exclusively on the website of the European organization. Each applicant can acquire of up to 4 tickets, and those can be chosen from the four given categories: the entry papers are in a range from 30 until 200 euros. Those who would send their request as far as 12 July will be notified later by electronic mail of the status.
Georgios Karaiskakis arena in Athens have 30.400 capacity. Out of this number 23.400 tickets will be released for sale for the public and the fans of both clubs.


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