04 July 2023

Removed from competition due to earlier irregularities

The following club is accused of match-fixing one decade ago, and because of it for next season are forbidden to compete at the European international competitions.
At the end of the 2022-23 football season, Osasuna after 16 years have qualified for the Conference league. But from happiness their joy immediately changed into desperate mood on 23 June when the organization banned them to appear, and the reason is quite more obvious: falsifying documents and corruption for the management that lead them from 2012 until 2014. That trial for this case has finished in January 2023 who just confirmed the judgement of being guilty. Because of it 10 years later the club from Pamplona would have to suffer to be thrown out from the event that have entered through merit from their championship. With every possible means are fighting it throughout courts to be reinstated and play after all (from the play-off stage), however those chances are down to minimum to even happen in reality.
Hence a substitute club (that was on stand by) is going to participate. According to the standings this is going to be Athletic club.


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