04 July 2018

Controlled anger

It is well known that when a team is losing, footballers are leaving total mess and garbage all over the dressing room. At this tournament there was a nation which can control those emotions after defeat, and who lost on unfortunate circumstances.
Yesterday night was played one of the best games at this World Cup, involving Belgium who practically came back from the dead to earn a quarterfinal spot. Their opponents were calm and has accepted the loss. Knowing that it will be the last time they are going to gather in the dressing room, the brave Japanese players has left it intact and clean, and on top of that they wrote a small gratitude in Russian: 'thank you'.
Although this nation is already out from the event, the disciplined Samurai Blue, together with its fans, have won the hearts of many with their attitude and good manners throughout the whole championship (even if its not finished, no one can beat them at this social behavior).


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