10 July 2018

Quickly accepted decisions

Just months before the start of the first qualifying round, the European football organization announced a new stage (called preliminary) in the European Cup competitions for next season, and also lately they are accepted couple of more changes. Both novelties have been announced four days ago and are going to be in active from next season (2018-19).
The first one is that we are introduced to a fourth substitution, but there is a catch. According to the rules in Champions and Europa league coaches can bring in new players three times onto the pitch in regular 90 minutes (plus stoppages), however one more is allowed IF a game is going into extra time. As this cannot be happening in the group phase, the new rule will be applied from the knockout stage onwards (from February). Basically this modification is copy / paste from the World Cup 2018 tournament where FIFA gave green light for this idea at the beginning of the year.
The second change is regarding substitutions itself. Maximum 7 names are allowed to be sitting on the bench the whole season, except for the final games at Champions and Europa league where 12 players in total can be registered. On this increase will profitied both coaches who will have plenty of options for the important match of the season.


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