03 July 2018

Suicide due to a beloved team

We know that football is a very addictive sport and all matches that are on the World Cup meant only for entertainment, spectators to mingle with other fans from various countries and nothing else. Many of us are overjoyed when our favorite team is winning, but the problem occurs when is losing. Some of us can accept defeat, some do not, while small number is even thinking of dark thoughts.
West Bengal is a state in India, where many people are cheering for either Brazil or Argentina. In Habibpur, Monotosh Halder was deeply upset when the second country was eliminated from the knockout round three days ago. According to his parents the Lionel Messi fan started to cry, skipped dinner, retreated in his bedroom and locked it. As the 20-year-old did not answer the next morning police was called, which after the forceful entry they found the young man hanged. 'He was an Argentina fan and every day he used to remain glued to the television since the World Cup had started. He was distraught after Argentina lost to France. But we never thought he would do something like this' explained his father Mongol Halder.
One more case was reported earlier when a 30-year-old body was found at Kottayam river in Kerala, southern India. Leaving a suicide letter, this male was missing after the humiliating loss of Argentina against Croatia in the group stages.


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