31 July 2018

Ticket sales began for the Asian football championship

In 2019 we will learn 3 champions from 3 various confederations. Two of them are going to be held in summer at both American continents, while the other is starting early next year.
Edition number 17 of the Asian Cup will begin on 05 January and is going to entertain us until 01 February. This competiton is going to be in center of the football world stage right after the new year, the host is United Arab Emirates, and six months before the event every lovers of this sport can purchase tickets. This morning exactly at 10.00 CET tickets for this super tournament, which you do not want to miss, can be bought for all 51 matches at the Asian confederation web page. All football fans are invited to take part at this great spectacle, as we are awaiting even 3 newcommers on an expanded 24 teams tournament, all the quality will be on one place which equals, that the excitement is certainly guaranteed!


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