07 July 2018

One giant team is excluded of European Cups

At the last Wednesday in June the European football organization has expelled one famous club due to financial fair-play. So far teams from five 'strongest championships' in the continent have been penalized financially, but this is practically the first time that a team (from those five) is suspended.
Thus for next couple of seasons we will not see Milan taking part at both club competitions, because regulations states that every European team can not spend more than a total revenue. As they violated that, the team is banned for entering 2018-19 and 2019-20. The Italians, who qualified for the Europa league for next season, immediately announced an appeal at the highest sporting court (court of arbitration for sport). If the decision remains and the expulsion is indeed confirmed, then Fiorentina is going to replace them in qualifications, while Atalanta will go directly into Europa league group phase.


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