02 July 2018

Uncomplete quarterfinal schedule

Next week in focus will be the quarterfinal games for the World Cup 2018. In order to have the complete line-up, we are awaiting 4 more teams whose are going to be known in the next couple of days. In total 8 games have to be played in the first full week of this month, and all of them are going to be played in 2 time slots.

The following 4 pairs are the last from the first knockout round (last 16).

02 July, Monday at 16.00 CET: Brazil - Mexico.
02 July, Monday at 20.00 CET: Belgium - Japan.

03 July, Tuesday at 16.00 CET: Sweden - Switzerland.
03 July, Tuesday at 20.00 CET: Colombia - England.

The quarterfinals layout (last 8) is going to be played in 2 days, while from each day one pair is already known. In brief: next weekend we will learn which are the best 4 teams in the world.

06 July, Friday at 16.00 CET: Uruguay - France.
06 July, Friday at 20.00 CET: the winner of Brazil - Mexico duel is going to play with the best from Belgium - Japan match.

07 July, Saturday at 16.00 CET: better team from Sweden - Switzerland game will meet either Colombia or England.
07 July, Saturday at 20.00 CET: Russia - Croatia.


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