14 July 2018

Television coverage without beautiful girls

Those fans who attends at World Cup matches will be privileged to see attractive girls on the stands, while those which are in front of television (and there are many) are not going to have that opportunity. In almost every duel, at half time or during games, we are often seeing attractive girls / women (workers behind the camera are obviously male persons), but from now on that will change.
Unfortunately, in this World Cup there are only couple of days left with the most important matches, and yesterday the world football organization has brought (somewhat a comical) decision. Broadcasters and holders of television rights are asked to reduce showing pictures and to stop zooming at prettiest women at stadiums. According to the president of sustainability and diversity at FIFA Federico Addiechi, this is going to shorten potential cases of 'sexist' incidents in the sport.
FARE (Football against racism in Europe) noticed that this past month more than 30 cases was reported where women were 'harassed on the streets' whether they reported live-on air or off the camera throughout Russia.


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