15 July 2018

Shifting season

The moment Qatar in 2010 got the rights to host the World Cup in four years time, something smelled that the event is going to be switched in another season. And yesterday our hunch was confirmed: the world football organization finally has announced (right on Friday, the thirteenth) that the twenty second edition of the World Cup is going to be played in winter time from 21 November until 18 December 2022. This was very necessary decision to be shifted as average temperatures in the Gulf country are reaching from 33 to 41 or more degrees Celsius in June / July. Due to the problematic heat, most people from the European continent cannot accept this verification as it gives more teams for the event (13...again).
Apart from how many teams will participate, there are also lots of uncertainties. One of them are the disruptions of national leagues throughout Europe, where most games are at that time of the year (as end of season, part one). The other problem are the European Cup competitions, where usually group stages are playing on those dates. So: either all those competitions are going to be weakened with the best players, or the greatest sporting event on earth will lack quality from best footballers (maybe people will be cloned until then, you will never know). And for the last competition of the year (the Club World Cup) we do not care, as the tournament is already wrecked from the same organization.
However, four years before that (nowadays) we can say that for the next World Cup many things are going to debut. As it stands Russia would be the last country to host the summer tournament while for the first time in history the World Cup is going to be performed on cold days. This competition is going to be first ever staged in the Arab world. And lastly, we already have a new debutant that will participate at the event: the host nation - Qatar.


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