09 July 2018

Introducing new time for final game

Unfortunately, the World Cup 2018 has come to the last 7 days when 4 of those are going to be active. We have reached the closing week where all answers will be given. Only 4 games are left until the end of the event, and also we will be introduced to a new time slot for the final match. Both semifinal pairs are going to be played in two days, while classifications for the best 4 teams of the tournament are scheduled next weekend.

10 July, Tuesday at 20.00 CET: France - Belgium.

11 July, Wednesday at 20.00 CET: Croatia - England.

14 July, Saturday at 16.00 CET: losing teams will battle each other for third and fourth place at the competition.

15 July, Sunday at 17.00 CET: teams who won in semifinals are going to clash each other and be presented as world champions.


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