04 April 2021

Armband from a fury player sold for humanitarian purpose

Anger. Cristiano Ronaldo. Armband.
Everybody know by now of how and why the Portuguese striker reacted on 27 March at a World Cup 2022 qualifying game against Serbia. In order not to be repetitive writing about the three words from the beginning of the text over and over again, the consequences after it have shown out to be very positive, so that the thrown object from the ground has done indeed a good deed.
Picked up by the fireman Djordje Vukicevic who was near the place, thus very soon the armband has appeared onto a famous local auction site (Limundo). This time it was for a much needed help of Gavrilo Djurdjevic, a six-month-old baby who have a spinal atrophy. Because the treatment for this genetic disorder is very expensive, the rescue was found from the above item who on 02 April has been purchased by the gambling company Mozzart for 7.500.010 dinara (63.417 euros), placing the highest bid.
As for the mentioned match itself, the next day the European football organization have said that the fury from the 36-year-old footballer could have been avoided easily if video assistant referees were installed on the stadium. But for that to happen, the two opposing associations had to agree before hand which, of course, were absent.


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