23 April 2021

Ending event to be played at one town instead of two

In 2019 the main round (group games) of Nations league at the North, Central America and the Caribbean region was all finished, thus in June 2020 only the four group (A, B, C, D) winners had to round-up the first ever event, playing the remaining four duels. But because of the well known health situation those had to be postponed.
One year has passed since then, where: this quartet will meet again on the same month, United States of America is going to stay as hospitality country, however the final games will be staged in different city. From three stadia and two towns (Arlington and Houston), in 2021 the last phase of the competition is scheduled to be in Denver. Seven days ago the confederation designated Empower field at Mile high, to welcome the two semifinal games on 03 June, while the classification match for third / fourth place plus the duel for the trophy is going to be held at the same arena three nights later.


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