29 April 2021

Drastic changes for all three club international events

For 2021 the group stage teams at the Asian Champions league has been expanded (from 32 to 40), while the European version is awaiting the same scenario, but with a slightly different model.
It is officially confirmed that clubs from 32 will be 36 at the 'best league', this change is going to happen from 2024-25 season, however there is one small and major difference: group games will not exist anymore. Last Tuesday it was presented of how this tournament is going to look in the future. Each of the teams are going to be in one group, and therefore the matches will increase from the current 6 to future 10. At the end of the main phase: the first 8 clubs directly qualifies for the knockout stage (round of 16), those occupying from ninth to twenty fourth place (16 clubs) will face each other through play-off, whilst teams from 25 onwards are going to be eliminated from all events (without an Europa league spots). Because there is no real (and lack of) competitiveness (in terms of ending results), this increasing model has been criticized from the start (mainly as very tiring: because from 125 number of duels is going to jump to 225). Will it be like that, we will see in three years time.
Abandoning the group playing system will happen at Europa and (the debut) Conference leagues as well. Single table for these two events is going to occur already from next season (2021-22).


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