20 April 2021

Major details of summer tournament revealed

We are less than three months away from the Gold Cup, and the organizer of the competition (North, Central American and Caribbean confederation) has announced couple of starting and ending decisions in a space of five days. It has been revealed that the following 10 duels are going to be played at United States of America.
The official start of the 2021 edition is scheduled for 10 July. But before this date two more preliminary rounds have to be played, thus the preparatory games for the major competition will commence eight nights earlier. On 08 April it is confirmed that: phase one (that consist of six matches) are going to be on 02 and 03 July, while stage two (the final three elimination duels) are going to kick-off on 06 July. Each of these nine pairs (who are previously determined from the draw of 10 September 2020) will be played at DRV PNK stadium in Florida. Because there is no time anymore, only 90 minutes (or more) is going to count for both qualifying rounds.
Seven days ago it is also discovered where the last match will be staged. Las Vegas was chosen as a debut host city of the competition, so the final two teams are going to make a fierce battle for the trophy at Allegiant arena on 01 August.


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