10 April 2021

Indefinite suspension of two associations

Couple of members from the world football organization has been removed from this sport, so their players, clubs and national team cannot participate on any competition until the ban is officially lifted.
On 27 March, the 2018 president of Pakistan Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah, together with other officials has entered the federation wanting to seize the power. After the take over, now many footballers are fearing that everything will go in vain and their careers destroyed, repeating 2017, when the state was barred from competing, by the same group of people.
The north-central African country Chad also have similar problems of different (governmental) type. Its federation was dissolved by the sport minister at 12 March risking an identical scenario, thus the team was kicked out from the confederation preventing them to complete the last two duels from the Africa Cup of nations just 48 hours before the qualifying campaign began last month.
Because the situation was being unchanged from back then, and of third party interference, from this Wednesday the above two states are suspended globally on indefinite time.


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