25 April 2021

Based on a true story: league that only existed 48 hours

This text tells a true tale of how a group of teams took a voyage into something unimaginable (or either may exist on other planet or just appear in their sweet dreams).
In the end of the second week at this month came an shameful news (that thankfully ended rapidly and without any consequences) where the European 'wealthiest' clubs and their greedy owners (that were blinded by money and profit) wanted to create its own competition. Everything started on the night of 18 and this farce ended on 20 April. The agreement was signed by 12 clubs where six of them came from one country, while two nations had three clubs each: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester city, Manchester united, Tottenham, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter, Juventus and Milan joined together to form a previously announced closed tournament or so called the European Super league. What is (or was) 'super' about this tournament, remains indeed a mystery where the members would have a guaranteed place, because the first plan was presented as the following: 20 teams were going to compete out of which the first 15 'bosses' would play among each other every season (which is more than boring to see that each year) and the other 5 are here only to complete the quota (they were going to enter through their championships). Memberships were offered to Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and PSG, but this trio was smart enough to reject the entire thing from the beginning. Knowing of how they were wrong the first 6 clubs have instantly pulled out (not thinking anything before joining in), while Atletico Madrid, Inter and Milan completed the exit the next day, leaving just three to compete among themselves: Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus. With this (step by step) shy abandoning, the whole project went into the air (like never existed at all). Businessman and Real Madrid president Florentino Perez was chosen as chairman to the charade tournament as well. The main and sole financer was an overseas bank (J.P. Morgan) who were ready to inject 3.5 billion euros into this renegade project. Learning of where the income will come from, immediately after, every angered spectator called for a boycott against this institution through social media.
Every part of the continent was against it, and united behind the whole thing to end it quickly as possible: pressure from fans, football officials, national associations, and even politicians. However, very few institutions were for it: the Commercial court in Madrid, Spain (stating that the European and world football organizations have no right to interfere), together with some presidential people (of Real Madrid, Juventus and European club association) who defended the whole project.
During the entire process, the above 12 egotistical teams (that were later shrunk to 3) were not thinking clearly enough of why and for whom this sport exist (the current health situation does not apply in this article). Not thinking about the rest, the shameful act from the clubs and without respect towards their fans, this charade ended with a debacle.
Main lesson. So, think twice before you do something nasty and ugly like this, and not to think about yourself only. The implications would have been far more serious, where each fan definitely will turn its back to this disgusting idea who went up into thin air. Selfishness is indeed a puzzling occurrence.
Hopefully continuation is not going to be needed. The end.


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