06 April 2021

Decisions made for major tournament

We are two months away from the start of the European championship, and from 31 March couple of decisions were announced for this complexed event.
Although there is still a mystery whether all 12 cities throughout the continent would be able to host it, the rule of up to 30 percent filled the stadia with spectators is cancelled. Because each town / state has its own troubles with the virus, every member decides themselves of how many people can watch the games. On 25 March Denmark has revealed that it will allowed at least 11.000 to 12.000 fans to be present at Parken arena in Copenhagen. But this number may vary or will depend mostly on the epidemiologic situation in the country, so it can be lower or even higher.
The other norm is concerning a well known five substitutions. Apart from this competition, refreshing the team with new players during the game is going to be able to be used at the Nations league as well which will begin October.


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