22 January 2022

Club tournament winner will be known next year

On each continent Champions league is playing every year, but at one it will be prolonged for the first time.
The Asian version of the event usually is playing from the beginning of every year (when are the qualifiers) and ending it in the same one (November or December). When the calendar for 2022 was made again last Thursday, this annual tournament has faced (some) complications. Mainly it was because of travel restrictions between the countries (caused by the epidemic situation) plus there is another football competition (which is the peak of this sport) that is happening towards the end of this year (the first ever winter World Cup).
Because of the above two reasons the winner of 2022 will be known in 2023. Elimination phases are going to be commenced first (March), and groups will follow playing in April (where everything has to be completed until 01 May). After that the champion from the East section will be known by August, and its West counterpart would be known on 10 February of next year. Finally, the battle between each other is expected to be on 19 and 26 February 2023.


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