03 January 2022

Next weekend begins the only regional tournament in 2022

The following championship was moved twice, and the third time was lucky: climatic (rainy) conditions was the reason for the first, while the next the global pandemic situation was to blame. Although we have stepped into 2022, the official name is going to sound Africa Cup of nations 2021 where after the June / July period this competition is put back to be played on winter time (first since 2017).
Edition number 33 is scheduled to start from 09 January until 06 February. During these dates, 63 referees are going to observe 52 duels who will play on 6 stadia at 5 cities across Cameroon. In the group stage competes 24 teams which later, are going to shrink to 16, 8, 4 and 2, through 8 resting nights. As each one have to register 28 footballers, 672 of them (sadly not all are going to appear on the terrain) will be available to the coaches. Gambia and Comoros are debutants of the event where Algeria defend its title that was won three years ago. Layout for the opening matches is:

09 January, Sunday at 17.00 CET: Cameroon - Burkina faso.
09 January, Sunday at 20.00 CET: Ethiopia - Cape verde.


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