04 January 2022

Draw date known

At the end of December 2021 the Asian football confederation has announced draw dates that will happen for various competitions throughout the region.
One of them represented a joint qualifiers for the first two rounds (with another tournament), and so far four play-off matches have been played for the Asian Cup 2023 as an alone competition. The last phase would have to give the final 11 travelers.
Layout for this round would be performed on 24 February when the 24 teams will find out their opponents. Every one of them are going to be situated in six groups, while elimination duels will be completed in six nights. From earlier it was revealed that one place will host each group, and plays are going to be held on 08, 11 and 14 June. Six winners together with five best runners-up plus the other 13 (who are already qualified) will all fight for the continental title scheduled in summer next year.


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